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Play Nicely™

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Play Nicely™ is a video tutorial developed by a pediatrician for parents of pre-school age children, and for the teachers and day care providers who are responsible for the care of these children. The tutorial offers advice on how to manage childhood aggression.

The premise of Play Nicely™ is that all persons who care for children should have a basic understanding of how to respond to childhood aggression because persistently hurtful behavior during the early years is one of the strongest risk factors for violence later in life. Play Nicely™ can be used alone or can be added to existing parenting classes, primary care clinic schedules, preschool curricula, and violence prevention programs.

As part of the program, viewers will see video clips of various vignettes such as one young child hitting another and are asked, "Assume you see your child hurt another - what should you do?"

There are 20 options to respond and receive multimedia feedback in the form of narration and video clips. Participants learn that there are better responses than ignoring hurtful behavior, speaking angrily, or physical punishment.

Try Play Nicely today absolutely free in English or Spanish!
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